Thousands of flights canceled and delayed in US due to stormy weather


Thousands of flights were canceled and delayed in the US due to stormy weather

More than 1,400 flights were canceled on Thursday and another 1,800 delayed due to storms hitting much of the country on one of the busiest tourist days of the year. 

Most of Thursday's airline delays were centered around Chicago, with more than 210 flights canceled from O'Hare International Airport, according to FlightAware. In addition, over 150 flights were canceled at Denver Airport.

Southwest Airlines — over 570.

Problems with airports have arisen on the eve of a severe storm that threatens the Midwest with the strongest cyclone. Temperatures are expected to drop sharply here Thursday afternoon, with snow drifts possible Thursday night into Friday, according to the Chicago National Weather Service. This arctic blast is expected to move to the East Coast as early as Friday.

Several airlines have announced cancellations ahead of the storm, with some 113 million people expected to travel over the holiday.

Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg laments that “there are not enough airbags to handle the growing traffic. We need to increase the staff of airlines, especially we pay attention to pilots and mechanics. Even within our own organization at the FAA, we are working to train and qualify more air traffic controllers.

In terms of car travel, nearly 102 million people are expected to drive during the holiday week as prices for gasoline continues to fall.

Railway operator Amtrak also issued a severe winter weather warning, canceling a number of trains across the country.

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