Three years have passed, and I still remember with horror: a review of a holiday in Thailand


Three years have passed, and I still remember with horror: a review of a vacation in Thailand

A reader of “Subtleties” Margarita left a very touching review of her vacation in Thailand in 2019. This story is not about the current state of the beach or the hotel, it is a bit about fate, luck and faith in symbols.

Bougainvillea as a talisman

Background: From my very first trip to Egypt, I brought bougainvillea cuttings and they took root. And right before the next trip, my son and I noticed that the bougainvillea had blossomed. Since then, this flower has become a talisman for us, predicting that everything will be fine on the journey. And 2019 confirmed this theory. /ewgsgpxivwg0s4o40444w8kwg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Three years have passed, and I still remember with horror: a review of a holiday in Thailand

< h2>In 2019 we bought a tour to Phuket

We have already traveled to Phuket, the JW Marriott hotel, and we liked everything there, so we bought a ticket in advance for the May holidays of 2019, and even at a discount. But the middle of April is already coming, and the flower still does not bloom, but all the violets have blossomed. “It’s strange somehow, probably, a failure happened,” we thought. And then, 4 days before departure, our operator calls me and says that Marriott sold our reservations to the Chinese in full and we are offered another hotel with a room of 120 square meters. m.

So. If the Marriott room is 50 sq. m, and they offer us such a huge room, so most of our money went to the room, and the hotel itself is mediocre? I open the map – and what do I see?! The hotel borders the airport runway! That is, we will constantly hear the roar of aircraft! And I, for a minute, already 55 years old. Do I need this? And the hotel itself, compared to the Marriott, generally sucks.

What to do?

We refuse such a generous offer and the negotiations are going on all day long. Then we were offered: either we choose any hotel on the island, or the money is gone. But this is the May holidays and all the good hotels have already been taken apart and there are no places! And where there is, they are not worth the money that we paid for Marriott, and the difference will not be returned. I had to choose from the worst options more suitable.

In the end, they took the last room at the Pullman Hotel, which was far from the airport. But if on the Marriott beach at low tide the water receded only a couple of meters and you can swim at least all day, then here in the bay it left completely! That is, you fly to distant lands to swim in the sea, and here you can only swim from morning to afternoon, and then into the pool. And in the evening you can’t swim in the sea: the water has come, but it is dirty and will settle only in the morning. Feel the difference, as they say. .jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Three years have passed, and I still remember with horror: a review of a vacation in Thailand

Pullman Phuket

To my son (he was then 19 years old) did not freak out, we took an individual excursion in a jeep for the whole day to all the interesting places of the island and the mainland for the price of an airplane wing.

The tour is wonderful! Everywhere – on a waterfall, on a boat, in the jungle, on a mountain, in a temple, where military operations took place, in a restaurant, in a villa – we were everywhere alone with a guide, without other people. The exceptions are the elephant sanctuary and the elephant walk through the forest.1/1

< h2>What makes Marriott good

The Pullman hotel has a very small area, only buildings and pools. It’s no different for Marriott, which is located along the sea with huge wings: there you can walk around a specially grown park with lakes – you want in the dark jungle, you want in a flower paradise. Reception nicely decorated and seating areas too, many restaurants. And in the evenings they put on a fire show with dancing in a special pool.

A there is nothing in this hotel, and in the evenings we just drank cocktails in the bar and lay around the pool on the dastarkhan. We didn’t want to go to “hang out” in a big city, but we walked around the local one, sat in a bar, where the musicians sang the song “Dear Long” in English for us, went to the store and bought something as a memory of the trip. That's all local entertainment.

In general, this trip did not give us the vacation that we had planned for ourselves, especially for the money we paid for the Marriott.

It's not over yet

If this were the end of the story… but nooo, get some extra. Two days before flying home, Phuket airport was closed for repairs and we now had to fly from the mainland. We were taken to the airport for more than 6 hours (and this is our time, which we could still rest).

End of story? Again no. We were put in Moscow on a spare lane, because a plane caught fire in front of us during landing, people died …

Three years have already passed, and it was this trip with all the events that left a mark in my memory.

Upon arrival, I went to temple, put candles for those who died, and for us who returned home. We didn’t go to Marriott anymore, but changed direction to the Dominican Republic, the Barcelo Bavaro hotel. This is a chic hotel with a huge territory, with the longest beach, delicious food and drinks, with wonderful concerts and everything.

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