Tourists heading to Europe for Christmas are advised to prepare


Tourists traveling to Europe for Christmas are advised to prepare

Frosty weather has already begun to disrupt travel in some countries Northern Europe, and a number of airports are forced to cancel flights. In the UK, freezing temperatures left dozens of planes on the ground earlier this week.

Other countries, most notably Poland, France and Finland, also experienced disruptions to transport systems due to unusually cold weather.

European TV channels broadcast footage of how snowstorms across Poland cause massive disruptions to travel, and inform about snow landslides.

Taking into account the current situation, the Polish Institute of Meteorology has issued a weather warning advising everyone to be careful when traveling to regions affected by heavy snowfall.

France has also been hit by low temperatures. The government just extended the snow and ice warning, putting a total of 28 departments from Brittany to Alsace on high alert.

During the week in France, an average of two to five centimeters of snow is expected across the country. For this reason, the Météo France agency stated that the “high alert” regime will be valid throughout the country.

Similar to Poland and France mentioned above, severe weather conditions are recorded in Finland, as well as in other Scandinavian countries.

Earlier this week in the southern regions Finland was hit by strong winds and heavy snowfalls. Given the current situation in the country, Helsinki officials warned motorists against unnecessary travel.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency Fintraffic — analogue of the Russian TsODD — also advises everyone to be careful, keep a safe distance while driving and adjust their speed depending on the weather and road conditions.

Despite the fact that cold weather has gripped several European countries at once, travelers are not canceling trips to Europe and ready to overcome any obstacle to celebrate Christmas and New Year after years of coronavirus and lockdown.

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