Tourists heading to Spain for Christmas may be unable to fly due to new strike


Tourists going to Spain for Christmas may not fly due to another strike

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Spain's largest trade union, Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), announced Tuesday that all workers at Spanish airport operator Aena plan to go out for Christmas as well as New Year's. The main reason — unresolved wage issues throughout most of Europe.

At the same time, other unions in the country, including the UGT and USO, said that their members were not going to strike. Moreover, representatives of government-controlled Aena themselves do not rule out that it will be possible to negotiate with the CCOO on a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Nevertheless, at the moment it is known that workers who are members of the CCOO trade union are planning to strike 22, 23 , December 30 and 31, and January 5 and 6. Such a long strike, according to the organizers, is connected with the desire of workers to get the management of Aena to resume the payment of bonuses, suspended during the coronavirus pandemic.

“During all the years of the pandemic, we have shown responsibility and did not require payment of bonuses,” — says CCOO. “However, Aena's traffic figures are now back to pre-pandemic levels, which means policies should also change as things return to normal.” 

High consumer prices have pushed Spanish unions to put pressure on employers to demand for higher wages. About 1000 sellers Inditex — the world's leading clothing retailer — went on strike on Black Friday, and plan to go out again on December 23 and January 7.

The number of tourists visiting Spain this year has increased significantly. In October, the country recorded almost 7.2 million international arrivals. According to the Spanish Ministry of Tourism, this is 94.6 percent of October 2019.

In the first ten months, about 63.1 million tourists rested in Spain, which is 84.6 percent of the statistics for the same period in 2019 of the year.

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