Travelat promo codes for 2023. Discounts up to 5000 RUB!


Promo codes Travelata for 2023. Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

Every month, I collect (and update) Travelat discount coupons to help you travel cheaper. I have my own promo codes that this site has issued for me personally. They are relatively small, but they operate constantly – throughout the year.

More “fat” discount coupons Travelata releases on the eve of various holidays (for example, March 8 or New Year). Now the maximum discount reaches 4000 RUB. Well, let's see what will happen next.

Actual Travelat promo codes: January 2023

Travelat promo codes for 2023. Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

First of all, I suggest you take a look at this page. This is the “secret section”, where tours are collected, for which the maximum discounts are already applied.

Other promo codes look like this. I have arranged them in ascending order.

SantaAF1000 promo code. Discount 1000 RUB for tours from 60 000 RUB. Focus works for all users.

SantaAF3000 promo code. Discount of 3,000 rubles for tours from 100,000. Relevant only for new accounts and the first purchase.

Promo code SantaAF4000. It will cut 4000 rubles from the cost of your tour, but only if this is your first order, and the total amount of the booking is more than 140,000 RUB.

All three promo codes above are valid until 31.01. 2023.

Other Travelata discounts

Travelat promo codes for 2023 year Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

The following promo codes have been released especially for the readers of my blog. They are smaller, but they last longer (until March 31, 2023).

traveldiary300 300 RUB discount on any tour without any restrictions.

traveldiary500 500 RUB discount on packages over 20,000 RUB.

traveldiary1000 1000 RUB discount on orders over 30 000 RUB.

Where can I enter a promotional code on the Travelat website?

Travelata promo codes for 2023. Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

Click here – and go to the tour selection page. Choose the right hotel, type of food and dates for your holiday.

After that, scroll down the page until the button “Proceed to booking” appears at the top.

Travelat promo codes for 2023 year Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

If you did everything right, the site will redirect you to the page. Scroll down the page again and enter the discount code in the “I have a promo code” box.

Travelat promotional codes for 2023. Discounts up to 5000 RUB!

Everything. In the bag. Well, if something didn't work out — just go to this page. This is, let's say, a shorter route.


If my article was helpful to you, write some good comment below. I will be pleased. And share your promo codes if I missed something in this post. Let's collect as much useful information as possible here.

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