Viewpoints in Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad


Viewpoints of Smolensk : 3 good and 5 bad

This article appeared thanks to similar material posted on I leaned on it during my own trip. But the more I maneuvered among the garages and puddles of Smolensk, the less this article seemed to me to be objective. That's why I decided to write my own.

I must say right away that I really liked only one observation deck of Smolensk. And two more left behind an impression somewhere at the level of “Well, nothing.” Where to find them? What places are really worth visiting? And what you should not waste time on at all – I will tell you later in our today's review.

Observation deck behind the Assumption Cathedral

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

In general, next to this church there are two observation platforms at once. The first one is above the front staircase. And the other is on a wide hillock right behind the temple. I didn’t understand the landing above the stairs at all, since in fact it only offers a view of the road and local beggars, who very aggressively and persistently attack everyone who approaches the church.

But the site behind (!) Assumption Cathedral made a more pleasant impression on me. From there you can see the fortress wall, St. George's Church and the seemingly forgotten Church of St. George the Victorious. -smolenska-3-horoshih-i-5-plohih-9249914.jpg” alt=”Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad” />

In my personal rating this place got 2 stars out of 3. It's worth going here. But I do not promise you some crazy views. Most of the panorama there is occupied by old houses of the private sector.

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

Observation deck at Kozlova 3

You can take pictures of the Assumption Cathedral from the observation deck at the memorial on Kozlov street. Here it is…

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

I searched for it using the navigator (, but you can also focus on the green building of the House of Books on Bolshaya Sovetskaya.

< p>Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad

Turn near it – and in half a minute you will see the same memorial with a view of the Holy Assumption Cathedral.

Its main disadvantage is the large number of trees obscuring the view. But personally, I (in November) found a place where I could take a beautiful shot. In clear weather, this view probably looks great in general.

Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad

My rating: 2.5 stars out of 3. I'll subtract half point for branches.

The eastern section of the fortress wall near Timiryazev Street

As far as I know, this is the only place where you can climb the Smolensk Kremlin for free. Personally, this section of the wall seemed to me one of the most picturesque. -horoshih-i-5-plohih-7eda632.jpg” alt=”Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad” />

But climbing there is best with a guide (or at least with one of the locals). Firstly, excursions in Smolensk are very cheap. And secondly, a section of Timiryazev Street is now being actively dug up. There are garages, fences, nets, and because of this, the city here turns into a maze. Take a wrong turn – you will see a lot of things that you do not want to see.

Seriously – if you are going to Smolensk for the weekend, it is better to hire a good guide. Let him lead you by the hand, show you where you can climb the fortress wall, and at the same time tell you about the Smolensk vampires, the secrets of the Veselukha tower and the centuries-old history of the city. I will post a few excursions with good reviews below.

Lopatinsky Garden

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad

In my opinion, this is where you can take the most beautiful shots of the Smolensk fortress wall.

I photographed her from a small island above the pond (pretty covered with bottles and algae). But you can also take good shots near the local bridge (opposite the Domino cafe). ploshhadki-smolenska-3-horoshih-i-5-plohih-311d7b5.jpg” alt=”Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad” />

As for the viewing platforms, the site counted two of them here at once. The first opportunity to look at the city from above is to buy a ticket for the local Ferris wheel. In November 2022, when I came to Smolensk, it was tightly closed. Therefore, I can’t say anything about the views that open from it.

Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad

But the observation deck near the stele in honor of the Sofia regiment looked very sad.

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

Firstly, it is surrounded by a fence. And secondly, the view from it opens up on ordinary city blocks.

My rating: 0 out of 3. You should go there only if you suddenly decide to admire the Soviet high-rise buildings and the local Spartak stadium.

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

Observation deck on Zhukov street

This is a small hill next to the Makhovaya Tower of the Smolensk fortress. It is located opposite a residential building at Zhukova, 9. In November, when the foliage on the trees did not block the view, this view opened from it.

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

I have nothing more to add here. My rating: 2 out of 3.


Several viewpoints are located right near the banks of the Dnieper. I would not call them observation decks in the full sense of the word. But in principle, you can make some nice shots from there. Here is one of these sites a hundred meters from the Assumption Bridge.

Smolensk observation decks: 3 good and 5 bad ones

The fortress looks like this…

Viewpoints of Smolensk: 3 good and 5 bad

< p> At the end of the article I will also say a few words about other places that I never got to. As they say on the Internet, there are good viewpoints:

  • In the Angara cafe on the 4th floor of the Baikal shopping center.
  • And on Valutina Gora, next to a monument to the soldiers who died during the Battle of Smolensk.

The mountain is quite far from the center, so there is not much point in going there. But the Baikal shopping center is located near the Smolensk railway station. If you were there, write about it in the comments. How do you like the view from the Angara cafe? Well, now I just have to say goodbye. I hope my article will help you find the best views of Smolensk.

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