Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?


Weekend in Grodno: how organize the trip yourself? /></p>
<p>I almost forgot about those times when you could just take a plane ticket and fly to Bologna for the weekend for 10 euros. When a trip to Bialystok was perceived as something ordinary. And when I saw cheap flights from Vilnius to Gothenburg, I thought: “Oh, I won’t go – it’s cold and gray there.”</p>
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Cappadocia. Spring 2019.

Now everything around is closed. Therefore, all that remains for me is to wipe the tears from my eyes and tell you about interesting destinations inside Belarus. And here, of course, number 1 is Grodno. City of churches, castles and cozy cafes. If you miss Europe, then you are here. Take a walk around the old town, see how the Old Castle looks after restoration, and drink coffee, which my wife Tanya considers the best in Belarus.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

Well, did my preview make you think about the trip? Well then, let's move on to the main thing. Below in this article you will find a sort of constructor for your own trip to Grodno. How to get there? Where to find housing? Where to take the best pictures of the city? And where do you go for lunch? In this article, I have collected all the necessary information so that you can organize a great weekend in Grodno for yourself.

How to get there?

You can get to Grodno from Minsk by trains and minibuses. See the train schedule on the website of the Belarusian Railways (RW.BY), and minibus routes can be found here on these two sites:

  • < strong>atlasbus.by
  • minsk-grodno.by.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own? /></p>
<p>In principle, both of these options can be considered for a trip. <em>Trains are usually (!) more comfortable and cheaper. But minibuses go faster</em>. Many of them have free wi-fi so you can watch YouTube on the go. And there are simply more of them. Therefore, you can go to Grodno by minibus almost at any time.</p>
<p><em><strong>At the time of publication of the article, the situation is as follows</strong></em>:</p>
<li> Train. Cost – 10-17 BYN, travel time – from 4 to 5.5 hours.</li>
<li>Minibus. The cost is 18-23 BYN, the travel time is 3 hours 50 minutes.</li>
<p>You can read more about transport in my old article at the link below.</p>
<h3 style=How to find accommodation in Grodno?

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

I think all of you are aware that Booking and AIRBNB no longer work in Belarus. Therefore, I myself use this site to search for housing. Apartments for rent here. And even for $20-30 per day, you can find very good options here.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

But with good hotels, everything is exactly the opposite. There are very few of them in the city, and those that are either too expensive or too Soviet. Personally, I can only advise:

  • Apart-hotel “Semashko” on the central square of Grodno;
  • < li>New World Boutique Hotel;

  • And Kronon Park Hotel, located in the forest, quite far from the center.

Photo shoots are often held there, and the restaurant at the hotel is one of the best in the city. But, in my opinion, it is worth settling there only if you are traveling by car.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

As for hostels, there are only six of them in Grodno. I liked the hostel “Center”. If you like this format of housing, you can start your search with it.

Search for hotels and hostels in Grodno here.

At the end of the section, I will tell you about one more specific format of housing, which I have not seen anywhere except Belarus. These are the so-called “Recreation Rooms” operating at regional railway stations.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

One of these is in Grodno. Here you can stay for a day, or you can book a place for 12 hours. The interiors there are in the style of the 80s of the USSR, but they are cheap and located near the center. You can find out all the details and book a place by calling (+375 152) 73 44 96.

What to see in Grodno?

Grodno is the first city of Belarus in terms of the number of preserved monuments of antiquity. And one small paragraph is too little to tell you about all the interesting places in this city.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

So let's do this… Read the article that I will give below. There will be a route around Grodno, and stories about the most iconic buildings of the city, and just a lot of cool photos.

In addition to it, I want to give you just a few tips. Let there be a sort of checklist of how interesting it is to spend a weekend in Grodno.

  • Look at the city from the observation deck “Roof of the World”, located near the trading house “Neman”;
  • Take a look at the Grodno Mini Museum, where you can see how the city looked like in the past using the example of miniatures;
  • And be sure to look at the old castle from the high hills near the banks of the Neman. In warm weather, it is very cool there.

Excursions in Grodno

If you like walking around the city with a guide, then sign up on an excursion to my good friend – Svetlana Ekimova.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

I think I won't be much mistaken if I call her the best and most famous guide in the city of Grodno. She knows history very well. And she's just cute too. Therefore, I am sure you will not be mistaken if you choose her as your guide.

You can sign up for a tour with her on this page.

Where to dine in Grodno and where to drink coffee?

If you need a bite to eat while walking around the old town, take a look at the “Big Buffet” (at Sovetskaya, 18).

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

It has a pleasant interior, inexpensive dishes, and the cheapest beer in the city (“BB”) was once bottled there.

I must say right away that this institution is quite simple. Ideal for a snack while walking around the city.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip on your own?

Large Buffet and windows overlooking the pedestrian street.

If you need something more fashionable, then write down the addresses of these establishments:

  • Gastro-bar “HOUDINI” (Lenina, 13);
  • Cocktail bar “Svaboda” (Mostovaya, 31);
  • And another cocktail establishment HookahPlace by Smokkin (Sovetskaya, 25 ).

You can listen to live music in the evening at the Greenwich Pub (Sovetskaya, 29).

Weekend in Grodno: how organize the trip yourself? /></p>
<p>And to drink the best coffee in the city – in an institution called <strong><em>“Nasha Kava”</em></strong> at Zamkovaya, 11. It is quite small, but the baristas there really know their stuff.</p 

<p>At the end of the block, I want to give you one more piece of advice. If you are really interested in the bar and restaurant culture of Grodno — subscribe to Elena Lukashik's Instagram (@lukashik_lenochka). She regularly posts announcements of interesting events and reviews of new places in the city.</p>
<h3 style=Shopping in Grodno

I would not call Grodno some unreal place for shopping. This is not Bialystok for you, about which I already sighed at the very beginning of the article. The assortment and prices here are plus or minus the same as in Minsk. But to complete the picture, we need to say a few words about Grodno shopping centers.

There are only two of them in the city – Old City and Trinity.

A weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

The first one is a little smaller, but it has a rather unusual interior, the center of which is one of the recreated buildings of old Grodno. Well, the second one is the largest shopping center in Belarus, located outside of Minsk. Therefore, if you are directly interested in shopping, I would go there.

You can find these shopping centers at the following addresses:

  • Old City  — Dubko 17. From the center you can get here by trolleybuses 6, 14 and 23. And also by buses 6.8, 20, 34, 49 and 60.
  • Triniti – Janki Avenue Kupala, 87. You can get to it by buses 26, 37 and 41.

For a detailed schedule and transport routes of Grodno, look at the website grodno.btrans.by. And you can read about the shopping centers themselves on their websites — triniti-grodno.by and oldcity.by.

Where to go from Grodno for 1 day?

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

Me and the castle in Lida

I think Grodno is a good destination for the weekend. Two or three days will be enough for you to see all the most interesting here. Well, if you decide to stay longer, then here are a few more ideas for you to diversify your vacation.

There are not far from Grodno:

  • Lida castle and the famous Lida brewery;
  • Mystical estate in Zheludok;
  • Gothic church in Synkovichi, similar to a small fortress .
  • And the church in Gervyaty, which has been repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful in Belarus.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to check out tKorobchitsy Uristic Complexwith an equestrian club, an arboretum, a smithy, Baba Yaga's hut and even its own castle. It is easy to get there even without a car. The schedule of suburban buses can be found on the website ticketbus.by. Tickets cost about 1.5 rubles.

I also want to say a few words about the Augustow Canal with pleasure boats and a special system of locks. I can't say that he stole my heart. Rather, on the contrary – I somehow did not understand him at all. But on the way to it there are a lot of interesting places that logically line up in a single chain.

Weekend in Grodno: how to organize a trip yourself ?

Photo swiatsk.blogspot.com

This is a palace in Svyatsk, a system of military pillboxes scattered over the fields, from the Second World War , and the small town of Sapotskin with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1789) and the oldest Jewish cemetery in the country. If you have a car, you can drive there on your own. If not, then pay attention to the private tour below.

A little later I will have a big article about the sights of the Grodno region. So bookmark the site and let's stay in touch. If you liked this article, please share it on your social networks. Maybe some of your friends will also want to spend a weekend in Grodno. Well, now I just have to say goodbye. Applause, bow, curtain.

Thank you for reading the article to the end.

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