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How to Join Life School


There are three ways to join Life School: by enrolling, by auditing, and by participating in service. The first two options are available via The Registrars office.

Enrolling is the easiest way to participate and join in the fun. For one simple payment of $288 (USD), you can be immediately enrolled in all the challenges automatically. This will also provide you access to discounted and FREE followup programs with priority seating -- this is the most economical way to participate as it will save you hundreds or even thouands of dollars in workshop and events fees over the year, in what we call the Enrolled Student Discount Program.

To sign up for the full year program, click below.

Auditing is available by purchasing a "five challenge multipass", at a cost of $40 per five pack. You can then participate any five challenges you'd like using the credits provided in your account once you pay. However, you won't be able to enjoy the many benefits and discounts of the Enrolled Student Discount Program. However, only Enrolled Students get the all access pass.

To audit by purchasing a five challenge multipass, click below.

You can also buy a single challenge pass for ten bucks, click below.


Registering provides you with access to the free teleseminars. Once registered, you can purchase credits to participate if you wish. We'll even send you a nice little gift just for registering!

To register and be informed of when free teleseminars become available, click below.



Service - the divine practice of performing "seva" or service to the community - can be performed in order to earn credits so you can participate without paying. Currently, you can earn these "seva credits" by simply helping to get the word out. You can earn access to a challenge by inviting ten friends who we've never contacted before. And later this year, we're unveiling a new site, EngagedSpirit.com - a spiritual kickstarter for transformational projects - where you can earn seva points by helping worthy causes and projects get off the ground. To perform service, you should first become an auditing student by registering, and then go to "Spread the Word" to start inviting friends: click below.

You begin earning points via Service/Seva, click below.


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