What are the French people most afraid of?


What are the French most afraid of?

Cheerful French people know how to appreciate every happy moment and not be upset over trifles, but even they have not completely got rid of prejudices and prejudices covered with the dust of centuries. And to this day they do not gather 13 guests at one table, do not light one candle from another in the church, but see a broken fate in a broken mirror. What else scares the people of France to the core? Insidious animals, unpleasant plants and dangerous objects are on the list of “Subtleties”.

5. Tricolor cats

The French share a superstitious dislike of black cats with other peoples, but they are even more afraid of tricolor cats, which in many countries are considered messengers of good luck. According to French belief, a motley cat that crosses the road promises not just some kind of trouble, but death in a crash – an automobile or aviation accident.

Black cats have been disliked in France since the time of the Inquisition, when innocent animals were declared companions of witches. And the French also have a legend that before the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, a whole flock of these sinister creatures appeared to Napoleon.

Cats of any color are dangerous for unmarried French women: if a girl accidentally steps on a purr's tail, she won't get married for another year.

4. Red carnations

Going to visit, to a concert or performance, you should not bring carnations with you, especially red ones: in France, these flowers have not the best reputation. The most superstitious French are convinced that carnations bring bad luck – especially to representatives of creative professions. In the 19th century, the director of the theater, in order to notify the dismissal, sent the actress a bouquet of carnations, and roses were given to the favorites of the public.

A true Frenchman does not open a wet umbrella in the room to dry it: you can invite trouble!

3. Spilled salt

This international superstition has not bypassed France. Having inadvertently knocked over the salt shaker, the French do the same as we do: they take a handful of spilled salt and throw it over their left shoulder to ward off evil spirits. It has long been believed that the devil stands behind the left shoulder, and the adjective “left” in different languages ​​is a synonym for something false, not real.

What are the French most afraid of?

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2. Stairs against the wall

Seeing such a structure, the French would never pass under it. Firstly, the stepladder can fall if it is accidentally hurt. Secondly, this is not just a tool, but also a sacred figure: together with the wall and floor, the staircase forms a triangle, in which the locals see nothing less than a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Under no circumstances should you cross this sacred space: such a frivolous act will be considered blasphemy. /sized/f550x700/95/5w/955wo8jzt7okokok404wwow0c.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What the French fear most in the world ?

1. Umbrella in the room

A true Frenchman does not open a wet umbrella in the room to dry it: you can invite trouble! The umbrella will simply be left folded in a special basket at the entrance. There is a version that the French borrowed this strange superstition from the British, who frankly did not like umbrellas at the dawn of their appearance. Back then, these accessories were heavy, bulky, difficult to open, and could easily injure people nearby. Therefore, without going into details, the British started a rumor that opening an umbrella indoors is unfortunate.

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