What qualities of tourists annoy Egyptians the most?


What qualities of tourists annoy Egyptians the most?

Spencer Davis Tourism brings Egypt a lot of money, and tourists from other countries who replenish the country's budget are generally tolerant and democratic here; what is called understanding. However, some guests manage to effectively get even the Egyptians employed in the tourism sector. We talk about the five main features for which some tourists are disliked in the country of the pharaohs.

1. Problems with alcohol

Most of all, Egyptian hotel staff, lifeguards and guides do not like the addiction of visitors to strong alcohol. This is not only about our compatriots: drunken Poles fall asleep right on the sand or climb into the sea, from where they have to be pulled out by their neighbors along the beach, the Germans loudly quarrel with tourists from other countries. Russians are mostly rowdy in hotels and manage to get drunk just before a long excursion. In all-inclusive hotels, only guests from neighboring Muslim countries do not drink. “I have never had to rescue Arabs from the water,” says a lifeguard from Hurghada.

2. Excessive demands

However, tourists from Algeria, Libya or Tunisia have their own flaw: they are considered scandalous and excessively demanding. “They are trying to get discounts everywhere and are sure that the Egyptians, as neighbors, owe them something. They behave very capriciously in hotels, they are often rude to the staff and guests, ”said the Egyptian guide. The Germans also like to find fault with the service in hotels and the quality of food in restaurants, and sometimes behave arrogantly and arrogantly towards the locals.

3. Disorganization

Tourists from Slavic countries infuriate the Egyptians with their ability to be late everywhere and always forget something. The Poles are especially successful in this: they are late for excursions, constantly keep themselves waiting, lag behind the group and at the same time find fault with local guides and hotel staff. But it is very easy to gather disciplined and punctual Germans into a group. “They don’t delay a full bus, they don’t get lost on excursions and they don’t remember on the go that they forgot their room key,” says the administrator of one of the hotels in Hurghada.

4. Bad manners

The most noisy and ill-mannered in Egypt are vacationers from Arab countries. They come with large families, communicate at maximum volume and never make comments to their children, who run around the hotel screaming. Rather, they will straighten up an employee who tried to reason with the kids.

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5. Stinginess

The rates of service personnel in Egyptian hotels and restaurants, to put it mildly, are low, because they count on tips and dislike stingy tourists. The Russians were not noticed in greed, but the Germans and the British are in no hurry to part even with a trifle. Arabs also like to save on tips: if an Arab husband has paid “all inclusive” for all his wives and children, you can not count on baksheesh from him.

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