What should I do if my passport is lost on a flight?


What should I do if I lost my passport during the flight?

The situation is really difficult

It really takes a lot of effort to lose your passport on a plane. But anything can happen. Especially today — during complex routes with long flights and many connections. Cases when passengers landed in the country, did not know where their passport had gone, alas, are not uncommon.

Loss or damage of a passport while abroad — this is always a problem, a lot of wasted time and nerves. Usually you have to search for the nearest embassy of your country and purchase an emergency travel document. However, this is not an option, because in order to get through border control and get an entry stamp, again, you need a passport.

In most cases, if a passenger loses his passport on an international flight, he will be sent home next return flight. However, you can try searching the cabin for the document.

Help Needed

For starters, in any case, you need to go to the passport control window. There, include all your knowledge of English or another language and explain to the immigration officer that you accidentally left your passport on the plane. If you're lucky, the border guard will find and invite a representative of your airline to find out how you can get the loss.

Then it remains only to wait until the representative comes to you to understand the situation. In the best case scenario, in a few minutes the document will be taken out of the plane and handed over to the rightful owner. Then everything is normal — again the queue for passport control, communication with the border guard, a stamp in the passport and “Welcome” to the country.

Lucky — bad luck

It is worse if the document is not on the plane, or for some reason it is not found. Consequences depend on the passenger's nationality, immigration status and “mood” authorities. Someone will end up being allowed across the border, even if it requires some paperwork.

So, for example, it happened with a group of 30 people flying from Moscow to Portugal. TAP pilots went on strike and passengers began to transfer to other connecting flights. Our heroes were “lucky” get tickets to London on British Airways. Only those who wanted to fly to Lisbon from London turned out to be very many. In anticipation of empty seats, the group “hung” in the capital of Great Britain for three whole days, and everyone, without exception, despite the lack of visas, was released into the city. The hotel, of course, was provided free of charge.

However, most passengers without passports will be forced to go home.

So, after talking with the border service, there may be four main development options events.

  1. The Embassy can arrange an emergency production of a temporary identity card. The process takes two to several hours. But, as already mentioned, without a passport it is impossible to get to the embassy in a foreign country.
  2. Stay in the transit zone of the airport and wait for the plane to return to its homeland, where it is carefully examined for loss. On the next flight, the passport (if found) will be brought on the return flight. This option entails spending the night in the terminal, with no guarantees.
  3. Try applying for a “special permit”; to enter the country without a passport. In fact, this claim may or may not be granted. Even if permission is obtained and entry is allowed, the data of the “lucky” forever on some “Special List” and every time you come back you'll be subject to nasty questions and immigration checks.
  4. Take the next available flight and return home. Perhaps this is the best and most painless way out of an unpleasant situation.

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