What tourists forget to take on a trip most often


What tourists most often forget to take on a trip

Ostrovok service experts conducted a survey among Russian social network users and found out what things they most often forget to take on a trip. You will be surprised, but 6% do not put money in their wallets (thankfully there are plastic cards), and 4% go on a trip without a passport! And if all the forgotten things of the holiday listed above do not spoil (they can be bought upon arrival), then the vacation will definitely not take place without documents.

The most popular “forgetters”

  • A quarter of tourists (24%) do not put sunglasses in their suitcases;
  • Almost the same number of tourists (23% ) leave medicines at home;
  • 18% of respondents leave without a toothbrush or paste;
  • 16% forget to take cosmetics, a washcloth or cream;
  • 14% end up in holidays without headphones, chargers or adapters;
  • 12% arrive at the beach without flip flops or flip-flops.

What do you forget to bring with you on a trip? Tell in the comments!

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