Why do cats stare into space for a long time: is there something there?


Why cats look into the void for a long time: is there something there? /></p>
<p> Every cat owner must have asked this somewhat esoteric question at least once. And really, why is your cat staring into the void? Offended? Got sick? Thinking evil? Or maybe he really saw something there? Or… someone? </p>
<h2>Do cats see something?</h2>
<p>The thought that an animal could see “someone” in the void is terrifying to some impressionable owners. Some people really believe that cats look at otherworldly entities: spirits or brownies. Apparently, a peculiar reputation of the mustachios works here: they are always credited with all sorts of superpowers – to foresee death, to serve as a guide between worlds, to help sorcerers and witches in their black craft. So seeing “someone” in an empty place for cats is generally a trifling task. </p>
<h2>Simple explanation</h2>
<p>Unfortunately (or fortunately), it is impossible to either confirm or refute the “supernatural theory”. But you can give a scientific theory on this matter: cats peer into the void with interest because they see the smallest movements imperceptible to the human eye, or hear a curious sound – and wait for its repetition in order to better recognize it. A flying speck of dust or a hair, a quick shadow flashing along the wall, a wood-boring bug hiding under the wallpaper or a creeping fruit fly will easily attract the attention of a mustachioed. And behind the wall, a mouse can rustle, in the entrance or in the next apartment – someone is walking. </p>
<p>What is empty for humans is a whole world for cats.</p>
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