Why do the Chinese love Russian candy?


Why the Chinese love Russian candies

Since 2016, Russian confectioners have been conquering the Chinese market: the volume of exports is growing every year, and today the Celestial Empire ranks third among buyers of domestic sweets after Kazakhstan and Belarus. Chocolate and sweets are most in demand – the Chinese love them very much (and, as a result, they actively fake them). What is the reason for such popularity?


Russian sweets are usually more expensive than Chinese ones, but cheaper than European ones – our products can compete with Nestle and Ferrero thanks to the stable low exchange rate of the ruble. Yashkino's delicious Krokant sweets cost only 35 CNY in Chinese stores, outperforming even local sweets.

Quality and safety

According to experts, the Chinese consider Russian products to be more natural, safer and of higher quality, and therefore they trust them more than their own producers. In 2008, the most popular Chinese candy “White Rabbit” was at the center of a major scandal: they were found to contain the dangerous chemical melamine, which leads to the formation of kidney stones. At the same time, the product complied with the state quality standard adopted in China.

Towards the consumer

In order to stay on the market, Russian producers have to adapt their offers to local tastes and requirements. According to Chinese regulations, the packaging must be airtight, so wrapped candies are not sold here – they are sealed using heat sealing or gluing. Russian sweets made according to the original recipe seem cloying to our eastern neighbors, so confectioners put less sugar in export products. But the Chinese love milk chocolate “Alenka” without amendments.

Top 5 Russian sweets most loved by Chinese

  1. Crocant
  2. Alenka
  3. Korovka
  4. Ronnie
  5. A small miracle

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