Why do the French wear scarves and berets? Do they really wear them?


Why do the French wear scarves and berets. Do they really wear them?

A Frenchman in a beret and scarf drinking wine against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower is like a bear with a balalaika on Red Square. No one has seen it, but it's still there. Let's add a vest, a languid look and a twisted mustache – and we will get the reference image of a romantic Parisian. I wonder if there is anything true in it?

The French really love scarves and wear them all the time.

This accessory does not distinguish between the sexes – both français and françaises have a great variety of stoles, shawls, snoods and boas in their wardrobes. They are needed to complete the image – and instead of jewelry. The amazing ability of the French to casually tie a scarf, add it to any style of clothing and look perfect, apparently, is in the genes. This is a national feature that has developed over time, part of the cultural code.

Beret is a stereotype

With berets, the situation is different: this is really a stereotype. In France, you rarely see a person in such a headdress. Previously, it was worn in some regions of the country, the villagers in berets were depicted in the paintings by artists – this is how the image took root. Moreover, representatives of French bohemia at one time often appeared in public in original outfits along with this accessory. Also interesting: 10 free attractions in Paris.

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