Why it's better to buy tours on Wednesdays and other ways to reduce vacation costs


Why is it better to buy tours on Wednesdays and other ways to reduce vacation costs

Research reveals five tips you can use when booking your vacation. This, as analysts promise, is a potential opportunity to save tens of thousands of rubles without having to compromise on the quality, stardom and duration of the trip. 

So, book your next trip on Wednesday. It turns out that vacation prices fluctuate throughout the week, so it's best to avoid shopping on the weekend. The most expensive day to book a vacation — Saturday. By choosing a medium instead, you can save up to 5%. It does not look very inviting, but a decent amount will come out of the cost of the tour package for the whole family: from 100 000 rubles the discount will be only 5 000, and from 400 000 — all 20 000, or the cost of a good family seafood dinner.

Another study found that flights are early and midweek— on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays — have the lowest price. Flying these days saves an average of 12%, but the savings can often be higher.

A better-known example is that airfare prices also vary depending on time of departure. There are “convenient” — daytime, when you can sleep and arrive at the airport for lunch, and there are those that depart at 02:00, at 03:00. It is clear that they are usually cheaper.

When buying expensive tours and not being able to pay right away, it is better to get a loanon vacation than using a credit card. Loans have lower interest rates than credit cards, making them more cost effective on larger purchases. Moreover, many users have already fallen into the trap of “credit cards”; due to late payments — promotions like “first 100 days free” are relaxing.

Next tip. Choose an «all inclusive holiday" or “full board” to make it easier to stick to the budget, because in this case there are practically no additional costs. Be sure to dive into the details of what is really included in your particular package, as offers and conditions vary greatly between hotels and countries. In general,  the choice in favor of all inclusive will help to get rid of many additional costs.

Thrifty tourists prefer to buy ready-made tour packages in agencies. Yes, self-booking often provides more flexibility and variety, but packages are generally cheaper overall because they already include extras such as airport transfers and insurance. Secondly, they provide more protection if something goes wrong — there is someone to contact for any difficult questions and misunderstandings.

The study found that when booking a hotel and a flight separately, the total cost of a trip can increase by one and a half to two times, by an average of 76%.

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