Why Turkey is better than Sochi: 7 weighty reasons


Why Turkey is better than Sochi: 7 good reasons

The correspondence confrontation between beach Turkey and no less beach Sochi has been going on for decades. At one time it seemed that the first one was confidently leading the fight for the hearts and wallets of Russian tourists, but recent events have noticeably changed the balance in favor of the “City of Dark Nights”. But will he be able to take advantage of the current situation? Let's just say it's far from guaranteed. And the picky “Subtleties” counted seven reasons for doubt at once.

1. All Inclusive in Russian

The all-inclusive system assumes that the hotel has everything a tourist needs, up to the point that he does not need a wallet from the word “completely”. In Sochi, things are somewhat different. Not always on the beach at the hotel there is a bar or restaurant, you have to go outside the territory to buy ice cream or something. Another option is that establishments may not be able to cope with the influx of customers or offer a meager menu. Alas, Russian all Inclusive is not only poorer, but also more expensive than Turkish. One reason is logistics. Near each Turkish resort there are farms that supply products to hotels. There is no such thing in Russia, so Sochi hotels are forced to buy meat, fruits and vegetables from agricultural enterprises located far from the coast.

2. Turkey is “sharpened” for family holidays

All Turkish resorts have hotels focused on families with children. You can put a crib in the room, in the restaurant you can ask for a high chair and a children's menu. The territory of the complex is equipped with playgrounds and wheelchair ramps. Animators are ready to entertain the child while mom and dad are swimming in the pool. All this is so far lacking in Sochi.

3. Beaches

In Sochi, there have always been problems with free places on the beaches, and with an increase in the number of vacationers, it has not become better, of course; The situation is aggravated by the regular “capture” of sunbeds on hotel beaches by stray citizens, which practically does not happen in Turkey. The cleanliness of the sea and the coastal strip also often leaves much to be desired. cm/4q/cm4q968kum800ww40kkwo0kcs.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why Turkey is better than Sochi: 7 good reasons


4. Prices in shops and cafes

Turkey is famous for cheap clothes and shoes. The markets have a large selection of vegetables, fruits and fresh fish. In August 2022, the average prices in Antalya in terms of Russian rubles looked something like this: a kilo of potatoes – 40 RUB, 500 g of local cheese – 200 RUB, a kilo of tomatoes – 50 RUB, a bottle of good wine – 700 RUB. A pair of decent jeans is about 2000 RUB, branded local sneakers are 5000–6000 RUB, a summer dress or sundress is 1000–1500 RUB. Dinner for two in a Turkish resort restaurant average – 2500-3000 RUB with drinks.

Sochi prices are confidently striving into space, in the summer almost no different from Moscow.

5. Housing prices

Renting a house in Turkey is still noticeably cheaper than in Sochi, even in the high season. In Antalya, from May to September, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment within a 15-minute walk from the sea for 35,000–40,000 RUB per month. Renting an economy apartment in the same period in Adler – from 2500 RUB per day, rarely cheaper. And it seems that this is not the limit.

6. Service Level

There is no doubt that Sochi is a hospitable city, and the level of service in the tourism sector here is objectively growing year by year. However, if we talk about the segment of mass recreation, it falls short of Turkish. Moreover, some cafes and hotels are now not even particularly striving to work better: there are already so many customers. There are many of you, but I… well, you get the idea. /60/4a/604ausc9vrk8wsggoccgkgwg8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

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<h2>7. Loyalty to tourists</h2>
<p>If there are free rooms in a Turkish hotel, freshly arrived tourists are almost guaranteed to be settled before check-in and sent for breakfast. In Sochi, this practice is rare: at the check-in desk they will either offer to pay extra for early check-in, or wait for the hour specified in the reservation. </p>
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