Why you are always unhappy with your vacation: 5 non-obvious reasons


Why are you always unhappy with your vacation: 5 non-obvious reasons

Every time you look forward to a vacation: explore destinations, see photos of beautiful landscapes and make a trip plan. And now, when dreams finally come true, something goes wrong: there are almost no positive emotions, but a strong desire to return home as soon as possible is obvious. “Subtlety” tried to understand the causes of such chronic disappointment and suggest ways to treat it.

1. Waiting for a vacation is more pleasant than the vacation itself

Working hard for a whole year, you imagine a vacation in every detail: a sweet awakening without an alarm clock, no traffic jams at rush hour and an eternally dissatisfied director. And when the long-awaited vacation comes, you are suddenly swallowed up by spiritual emptiness and you don’t know where to put yourself on a trip.

What to do. No need to “burn” at work. You need to be able to stop in time, reward yourself for your efforts by going to a restaurant or shopping in order to avoid a psychological vacuum. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/30/2g/302gz0ey8gis840sos4ckwwkw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why you are always unhappy with your vacation: 5 non-obvious reasons


2. Excessive requirements

In your head, you paint a picture of the perfect vacation. Upon arrival, it turns out that the world around you does not want to meet your standards, and disappointment sets in. The language barrier does not allow you to buy a tour on your own, the manners of the sellers are annoying, due to ignorance of the city, you have to spend a lot of time looking for the right sight – and so on.

What to do.Prepare in advance: learn the on-duty phrases in the Aboriginal language, download an offline map to your smartphone and get directions to interesting places, do not pay attention to the local mentality: you definitely can’t change it.

3. I don't like the hotel

The room is cramped and poorly cleaned, water of dubious purity flows from the tap, the dishes in the restaurant are tasteless, there is no animation, the staff does not speak Russian — these are the standard complaints of tourists.

What to do.First, you need to decide on the key and secondary requirements for the hotel: the second can be donated, but the first is not, under any circumstances. For example: I want the hotel to be quiet, so I agree to walk 10 minutes to the beach. Secondly, do not trust advertising booklets and travel agency managers too much, but read reviews. Thirdly, remember that “stardom” is not always an indicator of the quality of a hotel. Some “fours” of Thailand can give odds to its own “fives”. /f550x700/ac/5s/ac5swhndzdkc0o4k4skk8g8gk.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why you are always unhappy with your vacation: 5 non-obvious reasons


4. Breaking Bad

After breaking out on vacation, you begin to be interested in everything: try exotic dishes, bungee jump, go through all the offered spa treatments in bulk, dance in a disco until you drop. Such enthusiasm is fraught with the undermining of physical and psychological health.

What to do. Know when to stop. Try to stretch the pleasures for the entire trip, so that at the end of the holidays there is something to do – otherwise boredom will overwhelm.

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5. Sorry for the money spent

A trip to a good resort is not cheap by definition, and in the current realities, prices are sometimes sky-high. Buying an expensive tour, you subconsciously feel guilty: after all, this money could have been set aside for repairs or for the education of a child. And as a result, you can't relax.

What to do. Let go of the situation. The tour already has been bought, but the money has been spent – and not at all for “pampering”. Rebooting your brain and body is essential to stay healthy and productive.

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