Why your suitcase arrives last and how to avoid it


Why your suitcase arrives last and how to avoid it

What could be worse after a long flight than waiting for a suitcase at the baggage belt? Passengers are tired, they have a long-awaited rest or return home ahead of them, but there is still no luggage, no and no. By the way, there are statistics: travelers arriving at Sheremetyevo usually have to wait from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, although according to the standards, bags should be issued a maximum of half an hour. We tell you what can delay luggage on the way and how to get it faster.

Bad weather

Even when it's raining or snowing outside, passengers stay warm and comfortable as they get from the plane to the terminal via the boarding bridge. But ground personnel have to unload luggage on the street, so the vagaries of the weather can delay your suitcases: perhaps airport employees have to wait out a downpour or a thunderstorm.

Loaded aircraft

Airplanes fly empty very rarely – it is unprofitable for airlines. Usually the liners are loaded to the eyeballs, and more than a hundred passengers are recruited on board. And if each of them checked in at least a couple of suitcases, the loaders simply physically will not be able to quickly disassemble and deliver such a mountain of things to the tape. Birmingham Airport employees have calculated that when flying on a small plane, the last bag appears on the conveyor 25 minutes after the first, and if you fly, for example, on a Boeing 747, you will have to wait about an hour.

Airport Opportunities

Timely receipt of suitcases also depends on the equipment of the air harbor. On the one hand, at large airports, luggage is delivered longer due to the impressive distance from the aircraft to the terminal. On the other hand, they use more modern and complex logistics systems that speed up the process.

Small airports have their pros and cons: luggage will be taken to the terminal faster, but there will most likely not be advanced equipment, because there are not so many passengers. The optimum is somewhere in the middle – experts believe that they are the fastest with luggage at relatively new medium-sized airports.

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How to get luggage faster

You can’t call this a life hack, since it doesn’t always work, but nevertheless: airport workers advise you not to rush for registration and customs clearance. The logic is simple – if you come among the last ones, then the suitcase will be loaded onto the plane later, thrown on top and, accordingly, picked up earlier upon arrival. If you are one of the first to check in, your luggage with a fair chance will be unloaded last. Many travelers believe that the fragile sticker will also speed up baggage collection, because it will be loaded onto the plane last. But in practice, this trick can do a disservice: for reasons of caution, fragile cargo is often delivered separately from the bulk, after everyone else has taken their suitcases from the luggage belt. The easiest way is for first or business class passengers: they can ask to mark their luggage with a “priority” tag, and it will be unloaded first.

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